The Best Goddam Vacation Ever

The word ‘vacation’ has a different meaning for different people.  For some, it means a cruise through the Mediterranean; mountain climbing in the Andes; skiing in British Columbia; a photo safari through the Veldt; or hunting moose in Alaska.  For a profane, blue collar guy like Tec-Con’s janitor, Barry, ‘vacation’ conjures up a whole different set of possibilities, and they all revolve around the phrase “get‘er done.”  In Barry’s words, “When a guy’s got a goal, he’s got to keep his eye on it.  He’s got to study it, work on it, set things up, and then he’s got to get‘er done.”  And he ain’t about to waste the first six, eight hours of his vacation time sleeping his ass off, either.  Nooo-way.  He’s gonna jump right in there with all four feet.  Because this is his first real paid vacation ever; and there ain’t nobody gonna screw it up. 

(This story is based on a guy I knew who really was quite proud that his first paid vacation ever turned out just the way he planned it. rh)​​​​