Patty's Day

Patty Simcox got out of bed a little before dawn as she usually did, her brain sharp, clear and--today--eager to head south again.  It was a routine she had followed every autumn since she retired from the Clinton County school system fifteen years ago.  From her modest cabin in the mountainous, deer-hunting area of north-central Pennsylvania, Patty would once again drive her converted old school bus down the east coast of Florida and back up the west coast of Florida, hitting every arts and crafts festival in the Sunshine State.  This year, however, the comfortable routine would be broken.  In fact, the whole six-month trek would be shattered beyond repair, even before it got started.  And the only witness would be a devoted and aging Springer Spaniel named Buck.

 (This story is adapted from my first suspense novel, "Crosshairs" which is also available as a Kindle ebook.  rh)

(A Very Short Story About a Very Long Day)