As some of you know, I've been a fiction writer most of my life, as well as a nonfiction writer.  Sometimes I have written as a student, sometimes as a staff writer, sometimes as a freelancer, and now, as a semi-retired word mixer.  Much of time I have been a writer simply because I enjoyed it, and because it gave me--and still gives me--a great deal of personal satisfaction, whether anyone else reads what I write or not.

     What you might not know is that much of my published work, with the exception of the two Jesse Eichenlaub novels and a nonfiction book about Florida wildlife and some shorter pieces, has been written under several different pseudonyms.  I used pseudonyms mainly for marketing reasons, and also to keep the various genres separate from one another.  Unlike some writers who keep writing the same kind of novel, in the same kind of style, and aimed at the same kind of reader, I have consistently branched out in many different directions.  Throughout my writing career, I have used whatever style is appropriate for whatever genre in which I'm writing.  And I write in whatever genre appeals to me, and there are many that do.  There is another reason I write in different genres.  Like most people, I get bored when I do the same thing over and over and over again.  With my writing, I don't have to be bored.  All I have to do is change topics, change styles, change genres, change point of view, etc., etc.  You get the picture.

     Over the years, however, there have been a number of shorter pieces that I've been particularly pleased with but have, for one reason or another, never been published.  Some of these pieces fit into the category of "short stories."  Some are even shorter than that--"flash fiction," for example, which are very short indeed.  Some of these pieces are somewhat longer than short stories but not long enough to be called "novels" or "novellas."  One might call them "novelettes."

     At any rate, regardless of length, I finally decided, before it's too late, to make them available myself.  Except for some of the "flash fiction" pieces, most of these stories are now available through Amazon as Kindle ebooks.  Each entry illustrated here on this website provides a short blurb or excerpt from the story plus a link directly to the Kindle version.  Additional stories and novelettes will be added as long as my imagination continues to be stimulated and fascinated by words, word combinations, and whatever stories it can conger up.

     Some of my stories are sad.  Some are humorous.  Some are scary.  Some are tragic.  And some are painful.  But they are all mine.  And now, if you want them, they can be yours, too.  I hope they will touch something inside of you, as they have touched something inside of me.

     Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions at  Be sure to write "Website" in the subject line.  Your comments are too important to end up in the spam folder.  Thanks!

​     Russ Heitz

     PS: For anyone interested in my two Jesse Eichenlaub suspense novels, they are still available as ebooks.  Here are the links: CROSSHAIRS:  The link for the sequel DYING IN DEER COUNTRY is  My only nonfiction ebook, FLORIDA'S AMAZING WILDLIFE, has been updated with new photos.  The link for that is:  All of my pseudonymous novels are available at 

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